EYewear project

Research into brands & market

Sizing of frame designs

Sacai is my chosen brand for this eyewear project. As they don't carry a line of such sort yet, I want to add to the label by translating their core values into eyewear. Bold, three- dimensional and edgy are one of the main aesthetics to the brand and are carried throughout all collaborations and lines.

Inspirational picture of a joint with a t-shirt clip detail.

This was initiated by skateboarders who always dropped their glasses whilst skating.

Through this clip you can leave your glasses on your t -shirt whilst skating or doing other activities.

Design by Oakley

The official naming for all details of a pair of glasses.

Some inspirational imagery how spectacles can be used in an unusal visual context and it can even become an art piece in itself.

Spine Optics  revolutionises the traditional hinge of a frame and integrates technology to apply and enable an auto-shut mechanism.


NIKE x SACAI collaboration 

Sacai is a Japanese design house who likes to successfully collaborate with brands like Nike and create unique pieces which enhance the feminine figure. 

As part of the eyewear collaboration with Red Eyewear Ltd it would be interesting to think of designing an eyewear line for  a brand which hasn't produced a line  yet.